Luxury apartment living usually means a nice pool, a well-equipped gym, and the use of a clubhouse among many other things.  But it usually still means the residents still have to schlep their trash to the compactors.  No one wants to live next to the community trash bin, so that means hauling cumbersome a fair distance in bags that might break along the way…and no one wants to clean that mess up.  With a Valet Trash Service like Door to Door Disposal, we eliminate the headaches of sanitation for both tenants and property managers.  Providing our valet trash services to your community will bring the advantage of these additional benefits:

  • No need to carry trash up/down stairs, on elevators or down hallways
  • No more roommate fights over who’s turn it is to take the trash out
  • No areas where garbage piles up
  • Valet waste collection is an amenity for all residents
  • Contributes to a cleaner apartment community that everyone can enjoy
  • Regular schedule makes trash collection predictable and convenient
  • Supports recycling and sorting of waste
  • Deters potential snooping through tenant garbage
  • Service valets offer helping hand and extra security on apartment premises during the night